Do you regret your Isilon purchase?

Published on Aug 2, 2017 in Quantum

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I f so, you aren’t alone. We find ourselves in more and more conversations with companies that are feeling angst about their Isilon purchase—for a multitude of reasons. In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, 43% of respondents evaluated Isilon before purchasing a Quantum StorNext® solution. This tells us that although Isilon has a strong presence in the market, it doesn’t deliver the workflow capabilities that media and entertainment companies actually need in a storage system: high performance, easy access, and low cost.

If you’re a media company that selected Isilon over Quantum and are now feeling the pain, we’ve got some great resources for you:

We also have trained specialists standing by to help you come to terms with your Isilon purchase and find a solution that best fits your workflow. Email or call today to begin the healing process.

So what makes Quantum so great?

You may be wondering what makes Quantum better than the largest storage provider in the world (because you’re still in Stage 1 of your Isilon regret: denial). Here are just a few reasons:

  1. We hang with some cool people. Quantum StorNext is the #1 workflow storage solution in the media and entertainment industry for content production, distribution, and archive. Check out these case studies with some of the world’s leading broadcast, post-production, and enterprise companies to see what they have to say about StorNext.
  2. We are 4K tested and approved. We’ve completed exhaustive performance testing based on over 500 combinations of disk formats, array configurations, client operating systems, and other variables—all conducted under rigorous, real-world conditions. And we have the 4K reference architectures to prove it.
  3. We know how to save you money. You get more value for your money with Quantum. With the ability of StorNext to intelligently tier video content to different storage solutions—primary, object, tape, and cloud—you’ll never again unnecessarily buy more primary storage when nearline or offline content storage solutions will do. In fact, tiering can save you 10 times the cost of primary storage.
  4. We have friends in high places. Quantum has a great reputation in media and entertainment. Ask anyone. Isilon may be a leading IT solution, but it’s not built for the requirements of a media and entertainment workflow. Quantum provides leading workflow expertise with tested and validated configurations, and an extensive partner ecosystem.

Whether you’re still in doubt about your Isilon purchase or are currently working through your pain, Quantum can help. Contact us to learn about the benefits of StorNext, built specifically for media and entertainment workflows.

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